General Benefits of Crossfit

There are a lot of great benefits to doing crossfit. It is both aerobic and anaerobic so you get strength and endurance at the same time.

Because the movements are focused on big range of motion you are recruiting a lot of muscle fibers on every exercise which means more calories burned too.

Of course any exercise is good for your heart but crossfit is especially powerful for cardiovascular fitness.

This is because of the large range of motion movements that force your body to use up a lot of oxygen resupplying your muscles with energy and ATP.

Crossfit will get your lungs breathing deeply and your heart pumping giving you a true full body workout.

But what about building muscles?

Yes, crossfit is great for that too! You will notice that more people in a crossfit gym have great bodies than at a standard gym. This is once again mostly attributed to the large range of movements deployed in this style of fitness.

There is also a fun group and peer aspect to it though. By having others around you, suffering with you and encouraging you to keep going it really helps break down barriers.

There is also a competitive portion too because others around your age and fitness level will be trying to outperform you and you will be trying to outperform them.

So enjoy your crossfit workouts and if you are not already in enrolled in a gym please go find one and try it out.

I know you will enjoy it and almost every gym will give you a free class or two so it will not cost you anything to give it a go.

The only downside to crossfit is the cost. It’s usually around $100 – $150 per month for the classes which can certainly put a strain on your wallet.


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