CrossFit Nutrition – Legit Nutrition for Legit Athletes!

Crossfit Nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation of life. It is impractical to practice CrossFit without a regard for nutrition.

It makes no sense because diet is important for optimizing health and performance. It is the base for the CrossFit pyramid and you cannot progress to the other stages without implementing the foundation.

CrossFit nutrition needs to be a lifestyle you develop.

CrossFit workouts are designed to push your body to the limit in just an hour and hence the right nutrition is of paramount importance. The nutritional basics to remember are:

1. Eat more and more fruits and vegetables

People often underestimate the benefits of consuming lots of fruits and vegetables yet these foods have a profound effect on health, increased testosterone levels and performance.

Since the CrossFit workout is intense, your body needs more than average support. Fortunately, fruits and vegetables give your body just the support it needs.

Furthermore, they have been associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease.

Start by adding vegetables, especially green veggies to all your meal. A kale and spirulina smoothie in the morning. Spinach on your omelet. The idea is to include vegetables in all your meals.

2. Proteins for breakfast

Have you ever realized that many people eat a solely carbohydrate meal for breakfast and still go till lunch time without eating proteins?

While this is the preferred choice for many people, it is one of the unhealthiest choices.

You must include protein in your breakfast if you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat or boost energy levels.

Proteins are important for breakfast because:

  1. Boost memory, attention and drive for the day through more production of neurotransmitters
  2. They keep you more full throughout the day
  3. They stabilize your energy levels
  4. They provide your body with amino acids for muscle building and recovery after training.

Some ideal proteins for breakfast include:

  • Eggs cooked in any design
  • Greek yogurt maybe with nuts or protein powder
  • Meats and nuts
  • Chia seed puddings
  • Smoothies

3. Individualize your nutrition

Individualize your nutritionIt is always important to find what works for you. Your meat could be another’s poison. In order to individualize your nutrition, you need a lit bit of awareness. It means keep track of how your body responds to certain foods.

As a matter of fact, you may need to journal your feelings. Every recommendation works differently for different people. Therefore, you have to listen to your body and its specific needs.

4. Minimize the stress of decision making

Minimize NutritionMaking decisions on what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner can get pretty overwhelming.

Stress is not good for your testosterone and your body. You need to employ simple strategies to minimize the stress of these decisions like:

Get some go to meals in your locker e.g. smoothies

You don’t need to prepare every meal for a whole week. Cook a little extra from dinner

Lastly, marinating a healthy diet does not have to cost you an arm and leg. Buy what you can afford.

One thing to remember is that what goes through your mouth either helps you achieve your goal or hinders your progress.