Testofuel Review – Real Expensive, OK Results

Testofuel Didn’t Score So Well In Our Review

Crossfit MC Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars (2.7 / 5)

We took Testofuel for a couple of months to see if it could boost our testosterone and here is our review on it.

Testofuel Ingredients

  • Vitamin D3

This is a great vitamin for boosting testosterone  and has been shown in human based case studies to increase T levels (Case Study)

  • Vitamin K2

This is an interesting addition to the formula and at a high level it makes sense as K2 is important in T production and while it is prevalent in cruciferous vegetables, most people do not eat enough of it.

However,  there are no human based case studies showing that supplementing with K2 increases T levels.

  • Vitamins Zinc, Magnesium and B6

We put these 3 together because they form what is known as the ZMA complex and are highly effective at boosting testosterone when taken together.

There have been multiple peer reviewed case studies showing the effectiveness of this formulation. (study, study)

  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

DAA has only been shown to potentially increase testosterone in infertile men and their T levels actually went back to their original baseline after just 2 weeks.

In healthy men, DAA has actually been shown to decrease testosterone so it is our belief that it does not belong in any “testosterone booster”. (Case Study)

  • Fenugreek

One of the more popular ingredients in testosterone boosters because of a study that suggested it “may” increase T levels in healthy men.

However, that study was later discredited because it was just a questionnaire which asked men how they felt and never actually tested T levels!

On the contrary, fenugreek is actually believed to increase estrogen and lactation! (study, study, article)

  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng

This is a phenomenal ingredient which while it has not been shown to directly increase testosterone in healthy men, it has been proven to boost the endocrine system.

Your endocrine system helps to control your overall hormone profile so it’s great to see it in Testofuel.

We do wish they told us what the active “ginsenoside” percentage was since there is only 100mg.

Ginsenosides is what scientist attribute most of the health benefits of panax ginseng to but not all ginseng is created equal and it appears that Tetofuel does not use a standardized extract which may render it mostly useless in their product.

  • Oyster Extract

Oyster extract is a fine ingredient since it is loaded with zinc and that is what will give you the T boost.

However, the formulation already has zinc in their formulation so its redundant to include oyster extract.

Even on the Testofuel website, they say the reason for the oyster extract is the zinc. But again, they have zinc so this is more of a marketing ploy to make it look like you are getting something special.

Our Results with Testofuel

All 3 of us felt that we had OK results. No major side effects, no major gains. Our workouts did not improve but we didn’t lose any gains either.

Testofuel’s Payment Program for Advertisers

TestoFuel and Prime Male offer a very lucrative affiliate program and they have done an amazing job of promoting it via their affiliate company Stacked Brands.

As you read most other websites reviews of the “best testosterone boosters” you will see these 2 products being recommended time and again as the best 2 supplements on the market.

If you have read many science based articles on Fenugreek or D-Aspartic Acid, then you know the science people use to claim them as effective as testosterone boosters is absolute rubbish.

That is not to say that others cannot or should not have a different opinion but scientific case studies simply do not back up the claims!

With that said, if a supplement reviewer does like those two ingredients and they are being honest, there are some really good products (assuming you actually want fenugreek or d-aspartic acid) on the market like Evl Test that should be at the top of some of these rankings.


However I suggest you stay away from any product selling you fenugreek or DAA as a testosterone booster!

So why do Testofuel and Prime Male appear over and over again as the most highly recommended?

Because of their extremely lucrative affiliate program!

You should know this upfront because the companies that offer the best commissions usually get the best rankings and not necessarily the best products!

Now to be fair I’m not saying Testofuel is a bad product that can’t compete with Evl Test.

It does have some decent ingredients and ample amounts of both DAA and Fenugreek to go toe to toe with most other similar supplements.

And many other supplement companies offer affiliate programs to those who are willing to promote them.

But the hard fact is nobody has done a better job of promoting their affiliate program in the testosterone industry than StackedBrands.com

Keep that in mind as you read and listen to the reviews of others and you see TestoFuel and Prime Male ranked #1 and #2 on their “best of” lists.

It’s not just coincidence that both supplements are part of the same affiliate network!

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